Cover Detroit

During my time in COM 2280, I have learned an abundance of information. I honestly did not expect to cover so much within the first few weeks of the course, but I love it! I took a photography course in high school where we were required to pick a concentration and take photos to represent that each week. Although I did learn a great deal from that course, I have built upon prior knowledge with this photojournalism course.

 In this portion of the course specifically, I have learned how to adjust my settings as necessary to get the shot I want. I’ve come to realize that making one small change can completely distort or change the way your image is captured. In our lectures, Lori has reiterated the importance of knowing our camera settings as they should never be on automatic settings (unless she tells you to do so). So since we set all of our settings manually, it is important for us to know and understand the different menu options, settings and gears on the DSLRs. The most important settings to adjust before shooting include the shutter speed, ISO, F-Stop, and white balance. Knowing these few settings could transform a photo from decent to magazine-worthy.

For the camera operations project where we had to shoot ten images of various categories, I was glad when I realized how much information I actually retailed from the readings and video lectures. I was able to apply my knowledge of camera settings to adjust to my surroundings in order to get all the shots I needed. Although this was not an easy process, it was one that was a pivotal point in my photojournalism career because it allowed me to see my own potential. I had to get out and go to different places around the city looking for something that was photo-worthy. I remember Lori mentioning how you develop an eye for a shot and I can slowly see myself finding more and more things interesting. One thing that I found funny was the fact that I see so much beauty in Detroit that I did not pay much attention to before taking this course. Even when I had the high school photography course, I only walked around my neighborhood looking for a good shot. Now that I go to Wayne State University which is located in the heart of Mid-town, I feel that my possibilities are endless. Art is everywhere, and Cover Detroit, my blog, will showcase some of Detroit’s hidden treasures.


Stay tuned for more…

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