The Great Feature Hunt

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For this week’s assignment of shooting a feature photo, I was challenged somewhat and really had to push myself to get the job done. Shooting the photos was not difficult but being able to get information from people was a bit of a task considering the setting I was in. For my shots, I went along with a friend to a bar to assist in shooting a music video for someone they knew. I did not really know what to expect so I made sure that I brought my memory card with me just in case I needed to capture something. That was one of the best choices I made during this assignment before I encountered some issues.

I was able to capture shots of the singer singing their song, the band playing and the actors in the background. The factor that I did not consider was the fact that I was at a bar on the weekend which meant that most of the guests that night were intoxicated. This made the retrieval of their information a bit of a task because people were all over the place or just joking around too much for me to get any real information out of them which meant that some of the shots had to be deleted since I did not have the person’s name or anything. But on the brighter side, I was able to capture some really great feature photos and get the information from that I needed so the viewers will know exactly what was going on and who was involved in the image.

Having this experience made this class all the more interesting to me. The material that I am learning from the text and the lesson are helping me to evolve as a photojournalist and as a person. Being able to see and capture the beauty of an image at any given moment is truly a gift and I’m working even harder now to perfect this craft and be able to tell stories through my photos and their captions.


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