After doing the portrait assignment I have a new outlook on the way I see photographers. I remember my instructor always saying that you have to keep your lens ready and I feel like I realized the importance of being alert during this assignment. Portrait photography was a bit more challenging than I anticipated but I did enjoy the assignment. I feel like I am starting to understand the things people do in front of the camera a lot better than when I first started photography. I know that although you sometimes try to pose your subject, the best shot may come from some random movement or a laugh or any spontaneous event. You have to be alert and have your lens ready to capture the true essence of that person.

The thing I found to be the most challenging was getting my subject to act natural and not try to overdo it. Posing is cool but the photo shows your personality better when you are just being yourself. After they warmed up and started to laugh, I feel like they forgot I had a camera because I would just snap whenever I saw something photo-worthy. The end results of this assignment are great. I feel that the images I captured not only show the personality of my subject but the overall composition is really nice. This experience has opened my eyes even more to the beauty that surrounds us if we just take the time to explore and talk to in the community.

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