For this week’s assignment of sports photography I learned a lot of information. Before starting to scout for a game, I figured it would be fairly easy to attend an event and take pictures. I was mistaken. It ended up being a bit difficult to find a sporting event that I could fit into my schedule with classes and working. I ended up going to Ferris State University to shoot at their event. Upon finding an event to attend I was amazed by all the great shots I had the opportunity to take but I quickly realized that you have to act fast so a fan won’t walk through your shot or stand up and block the entire image. Photographers who do sports photography are very talented because it is much harder than I anticipated. Since in this instance the subjects were moving, I found it difficult to get the proper settings to shoot a clear image.

When I got to Ferris State which is a three hour drive, I found out that this was a practice game and not one that would have a coach yelling plays or a crowd of fans. So this made my assignment even more difficult because I had to make the best of what I had with the cards I was dealt. Fortunately softball and baseball are about to begin at WSU so I will have better images when the time comes for the next game. This did teach me a valuable lesson as a journalist though, always check for credibility.


Ferris State University football player Devon Hayes caught in action during a practice game on Monday in Big Rapids, Michigan.


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