Photo Story

For this week’s final assignment of creating a photo story I feel like I learned a lot about myself as a photographer and as a journalist. Before starting the assignment I had a hard time trying to decide which type of story I wanted to tell with my photos. But then it came to me. Since I myself am in the modeling and fashion industry, why not tell the story of someone I’ve worked with before. I figured that since my subject, Christian Davis is often behind the camera either directing or shooting, let’s switch things up and put him in front of the camera. So in my project I wanted the photos to show his personality as well as him in the field working. As far as the interview goes, that was a great experience. I was able to learn some more information about Christian that I did not previously know. It also gave him a platform to express himself because it is not often that he gets the opportunity to tell the story of his life as a photographer and filmmaker.

I enjoyed this project the most when it came time for me to edit the photos, create the captions and create the video. I feel like that is the moment where the entire piece came together. Once I got the audio from the interviews and the music to mesh well with the photos, I was at ease and very proud of what I created. When I finished it, I sent the link to Christian to show him what my final project came out to be and he was at a loss for words (which is rare). That gave the reassurance I needed to know that I had put my all into this final photo story while also introducing my viewers to Christian Davis and giving some backstory about this local artist. Through the photo story we start off with information about Christian. He introduces himself and provides a few of his talents. Following that we find out some history on how Christian started doing photographic work as well as cinematography. Towards the end of the story we see Christian in action before the story ends with Christian showing his individuality.


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